About us

We buy, certify, sell & repair second-hand devices.

ThinkPhones is an intuitive platform for purchasing, quality and reliable second hand phones.

Our range of pre-owned smartphones are certified, competitively priced and will leave you spoiled for choice!

Select from Samsung, iPhone, Huawei & Sony devices, as well as a variety of accessories to upgrade your phone’s aesthetic and functionality.

Have you ever bought a second hand phone, brought it home, only to have your heart drop like a rock when you discover damage & defects? We know the feeling.

We grew tired of hearing about the countless scams for second hand phones, and decided to start certifying and selling quality, pre-owned devices for great prices!

Pick your dream device, order online and have your brand spanking new smartphone delivered right to your door!

ThinkPhones currently operates in Gauteng with a 3-5 day delivery period.

Think Phones by NV Facilities (Pty) Ltd